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  • What Rolling Shutters are

    Extremely popular in Europe since the 1960s, rolling shutters, also known as Rolladen in Europe, have been seen in North America since the 80s. Initially used for hurricane protection in Florida, their multiple benefits generated multiple applications throughout North America.

    Rolling Shutters or Rolladen will protect your building, against hurricane or against intrusion, creating a priceless feeling of security.

    Rolling Shutter or Rolladen will improve the comfort of your house, by enhancing privacy, by protecting your furniture and plants, by reducing sun light and noise from outside and creating a resting nest.

    Rolling Shutters or Rolladen will bring dynamic insulation to your house by efficiently preventing cold and/or heat from entering your house generating significant energy savings.

  • Why choose RS1st European Roll-Shutters and who we are

    • RS1st. was established to minimize the retail cost of European rolling shutters in the U.S. by cutting out the middle man and avoiding unnecessary expenses in manufacturing, sales and installation processes.
    • Rs1st European Roll-Shutters developed a system to create a combination of high quality material standards and wholesale factory direct prices.
    • RS1st. European Roll-Shutters customers on average spend less than half the cost purchasing our easy self-installation system…. And factory direct ordering….
    • RS1st. has made it affordable to enjoy quality European rolling shutters in every room of your home.
    • RS1st. European Roll-Shutters means the savings in energy makes this investment an investment that pays for itself in a short time.

You will love your rolling shutters

  • Savings

    Having rolling shutters can save you money in multiple ways.

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  • Security

    Rolling shutters are a physical and psychological barrier between the burglar and your valuables.

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  • Comfort

    Rolling shutters enhance your interiors comfort in multiple ways.

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Not sure about installing Rolling Shutters yourself?

No problem! We offer installation and repair service at competitive prices!

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